Bernie Sanders Told Jimmy Kimmel Where He Stands on Marijuana

October 22nd 2015

Kyle Jaeger

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday and reiterated his support for marijuana legalization in the U.S., calling for an end to the War on Drugs.

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Citing state legalization efforts "in Colorado and elsewhere," the Vermont senator told Kimmel that he is "not unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marijuana."

"We have large numbers of lives have been destroyed because of this War on Drugs and because people were caught smoking marijuana and so forth," Sanders said. "I think we have got to end the War on Drugs."

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Kimmel quipped that America could solve two problems by legalizing marijuana and having postal service carriers deliver pot to users.

"That'll get rid of the federal deficit pretty quickly, won't it?" Sanders responded.

At the first Democratic debate, Sanders voiced his support for legalization, differentiating himself from front-runner Hillary Clinton, who said that she supports medical marijuana and state experimentation with legalization but added that she has not yet determined whether she would endorse federal legalization.

What Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had to say about marij...

What Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had to say about marijuana legalization at the #DemDebate.

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