Kids Saying Trump Quotes Hilariously Puts Things Into Perspective

October 21st 2015

Diana Crandall

A new video from FulariousTV pokes fun at some of Donald Trump’s more colorful quotes, painting the Republican front-runner as a man-child with a comb-over at heart on the playground campaign trail.

A young boy dressed as a miniature Trump goes throughout his day making the same simple, brazen comments that Trump makes as a presidential candidate—only the child playing Trump does it during lunch time and monopoly games.

'Trump Kid' Screenshot

"I have a great relationship with African Americans, as you may have heard. I just have great respect for them," 'Trump Kid' says, quoting real-life Donald Trump. The 'Kid' also discusses foreign policy over cheesy Doritos, and never backs down from an argument with the other kids who don't support his viewpoints and policies. He's even questioned by girls over his comments about women.

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A girl who disagrees with Trump Kid's policies questions the way he talks about women.

As ATTN: has previously reported, Donald Trump appeals to voters for a variety of reasons. Former President Bill Clinton says it's because he's a "master brander" and the "most interesting candidate out there."

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The Associated Press reports that Trump's straight-forward, non-politically backed nature are major reasons as to why 73,942 small-dollar contributions to his campaign have poured in since June. (This is in spite of Trump's assertions that he is really, really rich, and can fuel his own campaign alone.)

Trump Kid argues his policies over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

But while some voters may find Trump's bite-size egotistical statements attractive, his bold comments don't sit so well with others, including 'Trump Kid For President' writer and director Max Lanman.

Lanman told ATTN: that Donald Trump wasn’t in the spotlight long before Lanman and his production partner Daniel Karp saw a character emerge.

“During the first GOP primary debate, when Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about the litany of horrible things he has called women, he interrupted her to joke that it was, “only Rosie O’Donnell,” Lanman explained. “From then on, I couldn’t unsee that little spoiled brat in the body of this 69-year-old billionaire who is now somehow a top candidate to be our country’s next president.”

Trump Kid Runs For President In New Youtube Video

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Lanman, who self-funded the independent project with Karp, held casting auditions in Los Angeles to find the perfect performer. Eventually the pair found Andrew Fox, a young actor who was able to emulate both the personality and spirit of Trump.

“Mark my words,” Lanman said of Fox. “That kid is going places.”

'Trump Kid' Plays With Lightsabers

Once they found the star of the video, they had to provide him a script, which is entirely made up of direct quotes from Trump.

Lanman had the unfortunate responsibility of watching 12 hours of Trump clips and transcribing the billionaire’s comments word for word.

“You’ll notice at a couple of points in the video that Trump Kid will speak with incorrect grammar,” Lanman said. “One of the biggest challenges Andrew had was not speaking with correct grammar.”

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