HAPPENING NOW: Nationwide #Blackout Black Friday Protests, Bay Area Transit Shut Down

November 28th 2014

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After a relatively quiet day on Thanksgiving, the protests have sprung up again on Black Friday across the country after a grand jury choose not to bring charges against officer Darren Wilson.

In Oakland, Calif., protestors chained themselves to Bay Area Rapid Transit cars and shut down the West Oakland station, cutting off all trains heading in and out of San Francisco before being dispersed and arrested earlier this afternoon.




In Missouri:


In New York City:



In Chicago:


Protests continued around the country -- and even in Canada -- the day after a grand jury choose not to bring charges against officer Darren Wilson.

Protests continued in Ferguson, including dozens of arrests:

Thousands of protesters gathered in Toronto, Canada: 

In Atlanta, protesters gathered in front of CNN's headquarters, upset with their coverage of the events in Ferguson:

170 US cities saw mostly peaceful protests yesterday. Here's the scene in Dallas:

In Philadelphia:  

Protesters in New York City marched down streets and across bridges. New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said, "As long as they remain nonviolent, and as long as they don't engage in issues that cause fear or create vandalism, we will work with them to allow them to demonstrate." 



Protests in Oakland were mostly peaceful, however NPR noted that some protesters turned to vandalism or started fires.

More than ten thousand protesters gathered in DC: 

Protesters in Los Angeles marched through downtown: 

Here's what Boston looked like: 

Protesters in Minneapolis marched for miles: 


The Dream Defenders released this statement indicting the system:



Looking back to the Monday, the day the no indictment decision was announced, these were the images coming out of Ferguson:

The scene at protests across the country:

Here were the photos released last night taken of officer Darren Wilson's injuries shortly after the shooting death of Michael Brown:

Some charts and graphs that put Ferguson and related data in context:


Click here for statements from Michael Brown's parents, President Barack Obama, Ferguson protestors, and Attorney General Eric Holder.


Finally, here is a list of planned responses and peaceful gatherings in towns and cities across the country today.