This Map Shows The Most Unusually Popular Jobs In Each State

October 18th 2015

Ingrid Holmquist

Each year, the occupations that each new graduate gravitates to varies greatly across state lines.

The Minnesota Population Center’s 2013 American Community Survey Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, a survey of aggregated Census data, outlines the most disproportionately popular jobs for college grads in each state. And thanks to this Business Insider graphic, it’s easy to point out your state and see whether or not you fall into the unusually typical post-grad profession in your state.

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Jobs map of U.S.

The stats don’t show the most popular job among college grads – the word “disproportionate” is key here.  The jobs mentioned above are merely those that are more often held by college grads in that state in comparison to the number of college grads in the nation.

Compare these occupations to last year's Census Bureau data of the most common jobs by state – college degree or not. It's clear, truck drivers dominated the workforce and there is a decrease in farming and manufacturing jobs.

While many of the inordinately popular jobs make sense considering the differing agriculture, landscape and economics of each state, some of the popular professions are more specific and may cause you to wonder, “huh?”

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It makes sense that many Midwestern states known for their agricultural impacts primarily employ “farm managers” out of college.

States such as Hawaii, Georgia and North Carolina—home to large military bases—often have many graduates in the military. And as an entertainment capital, California woos most actors outside of college with Hollywood’s promise of fame and fortune. But what about “floor installers” (the disproportionately popular job of college grads in Florida) or “pumping station operators” (Texas’s profession for grads) or “Government program eligibility interviewers” (the popular employment for graduates in Alabama)?

The data is there. And regardless of what major you selected, maybe your odd job isn’t so odd after all.

h/t Business Insider