Larry David Did a Perfect Bernie Sanders on SNL

October 18th 2015

Mike Vainisi

In a surprise appearance, comedian Larry David played Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live last night. The show's cold open depicted last week's Democratic debate, with David's Sanders going toe-to-toe with Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton. Alec Baldwin also made a cameo as Jim Webb.

There were a few callbacks to actual moments from the debate, such as Sanders' discussion of tuition-free public college as well as Sanders' now-famous dismissal of the Clinton e-mail scandal. The sketch ended with David saying, "Coming next November I will be Hillary Clinton’s vice president!"

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SNL is not the first to notice the similarity between David and Sanders. YouTube user Death+Taxes uploaded a video last month that made the same connection, playing the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme over a clip of Sanders leaving the podium after protestors interrupted his event in Seattle.


Youtuber Sunset Productions gave the same treatment to the Democratic debate:


Elections are always important to SNL, going back to the show's first season when Chevy Chase portrayed President Gerald Ford in 1976. The 2016 election will be no different. Hillary Clinton made a cameo on the show's season premiere, and Donald Trump is scheduled to host the Nov. 7 episode.