This Sums Up The Injustice in Ferguson in Under 90 Seconds...

November 25th 2014

ATTN: Staff

Our friends at Demos made a really powerful video that illuminates the long road ahead toward full racial equality in America.

In Ferguson last year, African Americans were subject to 86% of all stops, 92% of all searches, and 93% of all arrests, despite living in a city that is roughly 60 percent black.

Despite these disproportionate arrest statistics, white drivers were significantly more likely to have contraband on them.

As the video also reveals, black citizens comprise almost none of their local government; Ferguson has never had a black mayor, and only one member of its six-person city council is black.

These policy injustices are indicative of a larger system of underrepresentation in America that we've written about time and time again.

To learn more about what you can do to take action, please read: Real Change after Ferguson: What We Can Do