The Best Political Halloween Costumes This Year

October 18th 2015

Adeshina Emmanuel

Heroes, villains, and people with zombie-like demeanors occupy the world of politics—which makes politics a great source of inspiration for costumes as Halloween approaches.

We've got a few ideas for you to get your creativity jogging. Remember, the more ridiculous the better, unless it falls under one of these categories of offensive costumes.

1. Rob Ford

There are, at least as far as Canada goes, few current politicians more ridiculous than Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto and current Toronto city councilman. The oft-flushed politician was caught on camera smoking crack cocaine and has also spurred controversy due to public drunkenness and driving under the influence. Pro tips: Find a Rob Ford mask, wear a black suit with a white dress shirt. Buy or make a button to pin on the suit that says Ford's name. We don't recommend real crack rocks, or even fake ones.

2. Barack Obama

Every Halloween party, for better or for worse, has that person who insists on staying in character—and if you can pull off a decent impression of the president's intellectual stammer and comically unruffled demeanor, you should dress up at Barack Obama and be that guy. Warning: If you don't have the complexion to pull Obama off, opt for a mask rather than painting your face, or hope your slim fitting suit, U.S. flag pin and impeccable impression does enough.

3. Donald Trump

You don't have to share the Republican presidential front-runner's views on immigration, gender issues ,or foreign trade to be a believable Donald Trump: the pursed lips, the New York accent, and the "hair" will suffice.

4. Sarah Palin

You've got some choices here. You can be the "normal" Sarah Palin: you know, fitted blazer, rectangular glasses, and signature hair-do. Or you can be the Mama grizzly version of Palin, or maybe the Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin.

5. Anthony Weiner

Ah, the infamous sexter. This one is easy: White T-shirt, socks, boxer shorts, and a cell phone in hand. You might want to try a mask, just in case people don't get it. You can wear a big hot dog suit with boxer shorts over it. Either way, Weiner will certainly win "creepiest costume" at any party.

6. Mayor Stubbs

The "mayor" of Talkeetna, Alaska, is the only non-human on this list. In 1997, the cat supposedly rode a wave of discontent-inspired humor into office after town residents who didn't like their mayoral candidates voted for him as a write-in candidate—and the part-manx actually won. Stubbs was named honorary mayor of the small town, according to some media reports. However, NPR disputes this account:

"Many of us reported that Stubbs was elected as a write-in when the human candidates fell short. Not true. The tiny town has no real mayor, so there was no election, which actually means that Stubbs the cat is probably mayor for life."

7. Hillary Clinton

"Saturday Night Live" shouldn't have all the fun, in terms of political dress-up. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is a timeless Halloween choice. You can go as First Lady Hillary Clinton, New York Senator Clinton, or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: grab your favorite pantsuit and have fun with it! (Make it a couples costume with Bill! Or if you're looking for a group costume dress up as the entire CNN #DemDebate.)

8. Bernie Sanders


Babies everywhere #FeelTheBern.

Posted by ATTN: on Friday, October 16, 2015

Babies are already dressing up like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), and comedian Larry David did a pretty convincing impression of the presidential candidate on "SNL," so why not make a Halloween costume out of it? Get your glasses, wild white hair, and (justified) disdain for money's influence on politics, and you are good to go.