The Best #NoBraDay Responses on Social Media

October 13th 2015

Diana Crandall

The hashtag #NoBraDay is trending on social media Tuesday to encourage women around the world to not only leave their breasts unrestrained by bras, but to check them for cancer while they're at it.

People had mixed responses to the campaign on Twitter.


October is designated as the month for all things pink, and is organized by breast cancer charities and organizations all over the world to bring attention to the symptoms, cause and treatment of this disease.

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According to the National Cancer Institute, breast cancer occurs in both men and women, but is very rare in men. For women, breast cancer is the second most common diagnosis after skin cancer.

Check your breasts often.

Checking for breast cancer is incredibly important for women’s health, as each year, there are about 230,000 new cases of breast cancer in women.

For women over 35, the National Cancer Institute also has a way to calculate your risk.

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For all women — whether you chose to ditch your bra or not — it’s important to perform a self examination at least once a month to look for changes in your breast.

If you notice something unusual and don’t have a primary care doctor or gynecologist, then you can also make an appointment with a local Planned Parenthood for instructions on self-examinations, screenings and other instructions.

You can also learn more about giving yourself a breast exam by visiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Self-breast exam illustration