Pres. Obama Just Said What He Thinks of Donald Trump

October 12th 2015

ATTN: Staff

In an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday, President Obama was asked for his thoughts on GOP front-runner, Donald Trump. 

"I think that he is a great publicity seeker," Obama told interviewer Steve Kroft. "And at a time when the Republican party hasn't really figured out what it's for as opposed to what it's against, I think that he has tapped into something that exists in the Republican party that's real. I think there is genuine anti-immigrant sentiment in a large portion of, at least, Republican primary voters..."

The president also reflected on whether he thinks Trump will become his successor.

Watch the full clip here:

Obama also spoke at length to 60 Minutes about his views on Vladimir Putin, Isis, and Syria. More can be seen at CBS.