Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen Removed Their Makeup on TV

September 29th 2015

Laura Donovan

Models Chrissy Teigen and Tyra Banks embraced their natural beauty in a makeup-free segment called "Nude Show" during their daytime talk series "FABLife." Given their high profile careers in entertainment, Banks and Teigen are accustomed to donning lots of makeup, but in this episode they aimed to show that ladies shouldn't be expected to wear makeup all of the time.

"This is your 'FABLife' nude show, and I'm about to show you what real nudity on your face looks like," Banks said before revealing her makeup-free face on the program.

The average woman spends two weeks a year getting ready and $15,000 annually on makeup alone. Many on the internet were cheering their move:

During their time in the spotlight, Banks and Teigen have experienced severe body shaming and faced unrealistic beauty expectations, so their decision to go "nude" is significant and personal. This is not the first time Banks has spoken out against societal pressure on women to wear makeup either. Earlier this year, she posted a makeup-free image of herself on Instagram:


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"You know how people say #nofilter but you know there's a freakin' filter on their pic?" Banks wrote. "Well, this morn, I decided to give you a taste of the really real me. I wanted to smooth out my dark circles so badly!!! But I was like, 'Naw, Ty. Show 'em the REAL you.' So...here I am. Raw. And there YOU are...looking at me, studying this picture. Maybe you're thinking, 'Whoa, she looks ROUGH.' And if you are, great! You deserve to see the REAL me. The REALLY real me. #RawAndReal"

Last month, Teigen did a spread in Women's Health UK that included all untouched photos.

"I think it's extra important right now to show a woman not wholly retouched," she told Mashable in an interview last month. "It's becoming the norm for people to have this butt that's been plucked and pulled, and these boobs from somewhere else. It's not normal. I think it's our responsibility as women to show our flaws and how we're far from perfect."

In the spring, she shared an image of her stretch marks on Instagram to show that even celebrities deal with them:

"Bruises from bumping kitchen drawer handles for a week," she wrote. "Stretchies say hi!"