Is The Gay Gene Real? Results of New Study Will Surprise You

November 19th 2014

Lindsay Haskell

A recent study links being gay to specific genes - one on the X chromosome and one on chromosome 8. This supports similar findings that people are born gay, rather than choose to be gay. 

The study looked at 409 pairs of brothers, the largest sample ever taken, by collecting blood and saliva samples from all of the participants - who only had their sexual orientation in common. The researchers discovered that the genetic markers found in the same genetic location across the group most likely correlate with sexual orientation.

Although genes on the X chromosome were linked to sexual orientation in studies dating back to 1993, American public opinion has been slow to catch up with science. Earlier this year, Gallup reported that less than half of Americans believe people are born gay. This number has not changed much over the years: today, 42% of Americans believe people are born gay. In 1996, that number was 36%.

This differs from support of same sex marriage, which Gallup says has dramatically increased over that same period, from 27% of Americans supporting to 55% in 2014.