NASA Answers Your Burning Questions About Mars

September 29th 2015

Kyle Jaeger

On Monday, NASA scientists made a huge announcement: they found evidence of flowing water on Mars. This is the stuff of science fiction, right? If there's water on the Red Planet, that means there could be life there, too—at least microbial life that's able to survive the planet's harsh conditions.

In the hours following the announcement, questions rang out about the meaning of NASA's findings. And in an effort to answer some of those questions, two NASA scientists—Dr. Richard Zurek and Dr. Leslie Tamppari—took to Reddit and hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything). They responded to a range of inquiries from users who wanted to know exactly how excited they ought to be about the unprecedented discovery.

Here are seven takeaways from NASA's Reddit AMA.

1. How long until we can send humans to Mars?

Reddit ama

2. How much water are we talking?

Nasa ama

3. What does this say about life on Mars?

nasa ama 2

4. What happens if NASA does find life on Mars?


5. Could the Mars Rover determine if there's life on Mars?


6. Why should we care about water on Mars?

nasa ama

7. Most importantly, would Mars water taste good?

nasa ama