Trevor Noah Just Hosted His First 'Daily Show,' And It Was Great

September 29th 2015

Ted Simmons

Trevor Noah took his first turn behind the "Daily Show" desk Monday night, riffing on the pope's stateside visit, House Speaker John Boehner's upcoming resignation, his own notable beginnings, and, of course, the man whose seat he filled.

"This is surreal for me," the South African-born Noah said. "Now that I'm in the chair, I can only assume this is as strange for you as it is for me. Jon Stewart was more than just a late-night host, he was often our voice, our refuge, and in many ways our political dad. And it's weird, because dad has left, And now it feels like the family has a new stepdad. And he's Black, which is not ideal."

Noah then addressed the other comedians Comedy Central asked to host, cracking that "Once more a job Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant."

Noah also made sure to thank his predecessor, and he referenced Stewart's farewell remarks in August.

"Thank you for believing in me." Noah said. "I'm not quite sure what you saw, but I'll work hard every day to find it.

"And to you the Daily Show viewer," he continued. "Both new and old, at home or on your phone. Thank you for joining us as we continue the war on bullshit."

Many of the following segments—on Pope Francis' U.S. trip, and evidence of flowing water on Mars— were referential to Noah's maiden show; the Boehner segment even used a play on names to turn create a meta moment.

"I can already hear everyone saying, 'John, please come back, please come back," Noah pleaded to "Daily Show "correspondent Jordan Klepper, referring to Speaker Boehner. Klepper responded with audience-shared optimism.

"Everyone's feeling nostalgia for the old leader," Klepper said, "but maybe the new guy will surprise us and just crush it, you know?"

Watch Noah's first monologue below: