Azealia Banks Has a Harsh Message for the LGBT Community

September 28th 2015

Laura Donovan

Rapper Azealia Banks slammed the LGBT community on Sunday after making headlines for calling a Delta flight attendant a "faggot." Banks said the LGBT community needs to have thicker skin. She said she doesn't mind when people use racial slurs to describe her, and that the LGBT community shouldn't let a single incident bring them down.

Azealia Banks' Delta airline controversy.

Banks, who is known for being outspoken about her views on social media, was criticized earlier this month after TMZ released footage of her dispute with a flight attendant that resulted in her calling him a "faggot."

Azealia Banks' harsh response to critics of the Delta incident.

Following many negative reactions to the Delta incident, Banks took to Twitter and doubled down on her remarks. She called the LGBT community "weaklings" and questioned the community's strength:

Banks went on to argue that all of the time people spend feeling angry with her would be better used contributing something positive to the world:

The artist also tied the brutal criticism against her to racial and gender discrimination. On Monday afternoon, she posted an Instagram photo that seemed to say Black women experience misogyny differently and more harshly than their white counterparts:


A photo posted by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on


A photo posted by Azealia Banks (@azealiabanks) on