This Guy Had a Brilliant Response to Rainbow Doritos Haters

September 23rd 2015

Laura Donovan

Doritos recently teamed up with anti-bullying organization It Gets Better to release rainbow-colored chips in support of LGBT youth. Many responded positively to the #BoldIsBetter campaign, which will donate all proceeds to It Gets Better, however the brand's Facebook page also received a lot of criticism from intolerant fans.

That's why user Mike Melgaard, who posed as Target in August to mock the company's discriminatory customers, pulled off the same prank again to troll Doritos fans who disparaged the chips.

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Melgaard went viral last month for pretending to be as a customer service rep with the name "AskForHelp" alongside the Target logo as his profile picture to respond to users who criticized the company for removing gender-specific signs in toy departments. He did the exact same thing for Doritos, using the company logo as his profile photo and using the name "Doritos ForHelp." Here are some of the things Melgaard said to Doritos fans as "Doritos ForHelp":

Doritos Rainbows trolling

Doritos Rainbows trolling

Doritos Rainbows trolling

Doritos Rainbows trolling

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Speaking to the Huffington Post, Melgaard said he enjoys pointing out the absurdity of these comments.

"I think many find [these posts] so appealing because I'm just openly calling this nonsense out for what it is," he said. "It's amazing how many people are just waiting for the one person to come along and really say what everyone already wants to say. And, to top it off, there are those who really believe I'm a real help-desk person! I mean, it's hilarious when you have a full out conversation with Dora and she ends it with, 'Stop Deflecting, Doritos' ... I just hope that my funny antics allow for people to get a glimpse at the serious side of this."

Melgaard added that he finds it important to support an LGBT group such as It Gets Better since LGBT youth are at an increased risk of suicide.

"[S]uicide is one of the leading causes of death for these young people," he said. "They're literally killing themselves because they feel rejected and unwanted. The only 'agenda' taking place here is to prevent people from taking their own lives ... I find it absolutely heartbreaking that these people are so narrow-minded and unaccepting of others' views that they mistake everything as a personal attack on how they feel the world should be."