Donald Trump Responds to Accusations of Islamophobia On '60 Minutes'

September 23rd 2015

Alex Mierjeski

Donald Trump appeared on CBS's "60 Minutes" Tuesday to address and defend his lack of response to a supporter's anti-Muslim remarks at a campaign rally last week.

The GOP front-runner said in an interview in his lavish, marbled New York apartment, that not only were the supporter's comments blown out of proportion, but that Muslims would be welcome in a Trump administration, according to CBS.

"I love the Muslims," Trump told "60 Minutes" reporter Scott Pelley, "I have many, many friends; people living in this building—Muslims—they're phenomenal people."

When Pelley asked Trump about the bigotry laced in the supporter's question last week, and why the primary GOP candidate did not address them, Trump defended his reaction, and pushed back against the notion that the supporter was a certifiable bigot.

"That whole question was about -- I don't have to defend President Obama. He's not gonna defend me," Trump said.

"I mean, he asked a question. You don't know that he was a bigot. So he said, 'There's a problem in this country and it's Muslims," Trump said, referring to the comments at last week's rally in question. "Now we could say there are no problems with the Muslims. There's no problems. There's no terrorism. There's no problems. There's no anything. They didn't knock down the World Trade Center. To the best of my knowledge the people that knocked down the World Trade Center—you know where they're—they didn't fly back to Sweden," he said.

The "60 Minutes" interview will air in full on Sunday on CBS.

Check out this ATTN: video on Donald Trump's reaction to a supporter's anti-Muslim comment:

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