What A Pro-Gun Dad Had To Say About This Man Giving His Son A Mermaid Doll

September 22nd 2015

Laura Donovan

Elevate founder Mikki Willis recently shared a Facebook video about why he let his son Azai get a mermaid doll for his birthday. The video went viral online, and many praised Willis for supporting Azai's desire to play with the toy of his choice. However, a self-described conservative Christian named Joshua Feuerstein was not so impressed by Willis' parenting.

On Monday night, Willis responded by posting Feuerstein's video response to the doll story on Facebook—interspersed with some thoughts of his own:

Expression vs. Supression

Not everyone approved of my choice to allow my boy to own a "girls toy." The most vocal critic was an extreme Christian conservative named Joshua. He posted a video rant against me, using his own children to make a disturbing point. I left the following comment on Joshua's video:"Joshua, I'm the "no cojones" dad who lets his boys play with dollies. No, I'm not at all offended. I love that my little video has stirred up so much good conversation. Anything that has people look deeper into better ways to raise kids is valuable in my book... In a world divided by differences I believe it takes more "cojones" to unite than to fight. That said, let's talk. Man to man. Brother to brother. All in good spirit. Game?"To his credit, Joshua responded to me privately. We set a date to meet via Skype. Just before that happened, CBS saw my comment on his thread and invited us to meet face to face on the show The Doctors. We agreed. The Doctors airs THIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th @ 11a. Our segment is at the very top of the show. ____________________________________________________GET YOUR LINK TO THE SHOW --> www.ElevateFamily.us____________________________________________________But if you do, don't sweat it. I'll be sending out a link for you to view online. Simply click the link below: PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE. Thank you friends for all your love and support! Mikki Willis

Posted by Mikki Willis on Monday, September 21, 2015


"Everybody's loving [Willis] and the picture that he posted to Facebook because he's letting his son choose and express who he really wants to be," Feuerstein says. "Since when do kids make good choices? We live in a society that thinks that kids are supposed to make choices like that and that we're not supposed to choose for them, we're supposed to let them express themselves ... If you give a kid a choice, he's probably going to choose candy over peas and carrots."

Later in Feuerstein's video, we see Feuerstein's young son holding a gun:

Mikki Willis Facebook

"Me, I train up a boy in the way that he should go by teaching him how to use a firearm," Feuerstein says. "Teaching him how to use a gun and proper gun safety."

Willis says that he has no issue with a child learning how to fire a gun, as it can be an art form. Willis adds, however, that he has a problem with the context around which this kid has a gun placed in his hand. Feuerstein goes on to show his son firing the gun on camera and adds that he's going to train his girls how to shoot as well.

"For all of you liberal, spineless, no good coward kind of people, since you want to be gender neutral, guess who else I'm teaching how to use a gun?" Feuerstein says. "My daughters ... That's gun control, a boy that knows how to properly fire a gun ... That's for you, guy who has no cojones who needs to grow a pair and be a dad and train a child."

Willis wrapped up the clip by saying he and Feuerstein will be facing off on CBS's "The Doctors" this week, where they'll discuss their differences in parenting.

Here are some social media reactions to Willis' rebuttal:


I posted the video a few weeks back of the wonderful Mikki Willis letting his son choose a Little Mermaid doll in a toy...

Posted by Lindsey-Anne Barnes on Tuesday, September 22, 2015