Amber Rose Destroys Walk Of Shame Sexism In Under Two Minutes

September 15th 2015

Laura Donovan

Model Amber Rose, who is hosting next month's Slut Walk LA to promote gender equality and to fight sexism, just did a hilarious, "Funny or Die" video that challenges the stigma surrounding "the walk of shame."

In the clip, Rose leaves a man's house in the morning wearing the same party clothes she donned the night before, indicating that she slept at his place and had sex with him. Though women are often judged for doing the "walk of shame," Rose owns her situation and confidently shows that there's nothing shameful about it.

Walk Of No Shame with Amber Rose

Amber Rose rewrites the rules of the morning-after walk and shows what it looks like when a woman takes pride in her stride.

Posted by Funny Or Die on Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Strangers cheer Rose in the video as she prances around town following a fun night of sex.

"Looks to me like you had sex last night," the milkman says to her. "Sounds like you're living your best life!"

Another woman congratulates Rose on having sex the previous night, and an old lady admits, "Nothing I haven't done before. In my day, I was no stranger to the walk of shame."

"No shame here," Rose responds.

A construction worker also applauds Rose. "I think we can all agree having sex is fun," he says.

The clip wraps up with "Orange is the New Black" star and proud male feminist Matt McGorry, Rose's apparent one-night stand. He races after Rose to ask for her number because she never gave it to him. But Rose is not interested in seeing him again, and she walks away. This moment challenges the stereotype that women, not men, become attached after having sex.

This video comes a few weeks before the Amber Rose Slut Walk in downtown Los Angeles on October 3. The event, which is free for non-VIP attendees, aims to fight "sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling and gender inequality."