Donald Trump Just Lashed Out at Jorge Ramos

August 25th 2015

Kyle Jaeger

Jorge Ramos, a Hispanic journalist who was named one of the top five most influential people in the world by Time Magazine this year, was removed from a press conference held by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Dubuque, Iowa, on Tuesday.

A reporter for Univision and Fusion, Ramos pressed Trump to comment on his proposed plans to deport the nation's more than 11 million undocumented immigrants. But rather than hear out (let alone answer) his question, the GOP front-runner ignored Ramos, opting instead to eject the journalist and TV news anchor from the event.

"Excuse me, sit down," Trump said, audibly annoyed by the reporter's inquiry. "You weren't called. Sit down."

Donald Trump's press conference just got a bold interruption f...

Donald J. Trump's press conference just got a bold interruption from Jorge Ramos.Read more here: http://bit.ly/1MMbiAF

Posted by ATTN: on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


"Go back to Univision," he added.

Again, this was in response to the reporter's request for comment on plans that Trump has repeatedly discussed in interviews, rallies, and press conferences across the country. The Republican said that he would build an enormous wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, comparable in magnitude and purpose to the Great Wall of China. The viability of this suggestion is part of what Ramos was trying to address.

"I have the right to ask a question," Ramos stated. "You cannot deport 11 million people."

According to Ramos, the cost of Trump's deportation plan would be an estimated $137 million, or $12,500 per immigrant.

When Ramos refused to back down from the candidate, who has been repeatedly accused of offending Hispanic voters throughout his campaign, Trump's aides removed the journalist from the press conference. CNN uploaded a video of the encounter and reported that Ramos returned to the conference about 20 minutes later, where he was allowed to ask his question.

On Monday, a Gallup poll revealed that Trump is faring exceptionally poorly among U.S. Hispanics. Compared to other candidates in the GOP, Trump was the only Republican who Hispanic voters had already formed a strong opinion about. Approximately 65 percent of the 640 Hispanics surveyed said that they viewed the candidate unfavorably.


ATTN: has previously reported on Trump's consistent use of the phrase "let's take our country back" and its potentially coded language signifying an anti-immigrant sentiment. It should also be noted that Trump is currently involved in a lawsuit that he brought against the international television network, Univision.