One Infographic Nails the Insanity of Our Starbucks Addiction

July 29th 2015

Laura Donovan

You might want to think twice before ordering an afternoon boost from Starbucks today, at least if you're tight on money.

A new infographic from the investment website, Instavest, shows just how much money people spend on Starbucks per year, as well as other things they could buy instead—such as an iPhone or 100 Tony Stark Iron Man suits (whatever floats your boat)—if they stopped purchasing Starbucks.

How much money people spend on Starbucks per year

If daily drinkers quit going to Starbucks, they could pay off a mortgage almost eight years faster, among many other things. Starbucks serves more than 60 million people per week, and if all these folks stopped drinking Starbucks, then they would have enough money to tackle one third of the world hunger problem. The company, however, continues to fare well among consumers.

Why Starbucks is earning more money

Last week, Starbucks announced its quarterly sales at established American locations increased nearly 10 percent as a result of more customer visits and a hike in spending per visit. The company saw a worldwide increase of 7 percent.

Chief Financial Officer Scott Maw told the Los Angeles Times in a phone interview that more people are buying food with their Starbucks selections and "trading up" to newer, more expensive breakfast sandwiches. Starbucks' mobile app is also responsible for the sales increase, as it has a loyalty program and incentives to go back to the store.

How Starbucks gets you to spend more money

Last year, Bloomberg reporter Sam Grobart made a video on five ways Starbucks seduces consumers in spending more money.

As Grobart notes in the video, Starbucks is known for advertising new products on its doors.

Starbucks design tricks

"Designers like to call this the handshake between the customer and the store," he said.

According to Grobart, Starbucks also sticks its ordering counter in the middle or back of the store so customers go through the seating area, which can lead them to stay at the venue longer and even make more purchases.

Starbucks has young people to thank for increasing sales. Last year, a study found teens spend more money on food than clothes, and their favorite chain is Starbucks.

"Quietly, the restaurant has displaced the mall as the socially acceptable place to hangout for teenagers in America," Quartz wrote.

h/t Instavest