Larry Wilmore Shows How Things Really Went Down At The Rally In South Carolina

July 22nd 2015

Sarah Gray

In a segment titled "I Can't Believe This S**t is Still Going On" on Tuesday night, comedian Larry Wilmore discussed rallies at the South Carolina capitol, which took place over the weekend—saying the tension there made the Iran nuclear talks look like a "super-cool Corona ad." He reminded viewers of the hatred and bigotry associated with the Confederate battle flag and introduced several of the loudest people there.

One of the groups present was Ku Klux Klan—ostensibly protesting the removal of the Confederate flag, which was taken off the South Carolina capitol grounds earlier this month following the Charleston massacre that left nine people dead. The other group was an offshoot of the Black Panthers.

"Let's see if we can unpack the absurdity of this, guys," Wilmore said of those who claimed they were just there at the rally to protest the removal of the flag. He then showed a disturbing clip of racial slurs being issued by white protestors at the black protestors who gathered there.

"And there you have it, some of the loudest proponents of the Confederate flag," Wilmore said looking resigned. "Now for weeks now, I've been trying to make clear the hate associated with that flag. But there's nothing clearer than a man holding the Confederate flag high, while making ape noises at a crowd of Black people. What else is there to say?"