Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Tears Apart Bic's Pens For Women

October 27th 2014

Lindsay Haskell

While gender equality has come a long way, Ellen DeGeneres points out how products such as Bic pens 'For Her' epitomizes the road ahead for women's rights. 

In this 2012 video, DeGeneres mocks the overtly patronizing tone inherent in the women's Bic Pen, she notes, "Can you believe this? We've been using man pens all these years ... Designed to fit a woman's hand. What does that mean? So when we're taking down dictation from our bosses, we'll feel comfortable and we'll forget we're not getting paid as much?" 

DeGeneres cleverly pokes fun at this ridiculous product by highlighting the most alarming implication of Bic's pens: that women are inherently different and thus deserve different products from men. And not just any different product, but a product that is a simple staple in any type of work or office environment. Ironically, to a certain degree, Bic is right too: women are different in the workplace, in that we earn lower wages. Just as outrageous as 'Bic For Her' is the fact that women earn 78 cents for every dollar men earn. That comes out to roughly $435,049 lost by each woman over the course of their career.

And yes, as many have countered, there are different variables resulting in that wage gap including gender differences in jobs, hours worked, years of experience and personal career choices. However, the fact remains that across industries, women earn less than men on a regular basis.

Wage Gap Across Industries

Thus, the sexism apparent in Bic's product is indicative of a greater misconception that women are, by nature, different than men, all the way down to how they use a pen. It is important that we fight to close the wage gap and support legislators who will fight for our rights.