McDonald's Brilliant Financial Advice: Get Another Job

October 27th 2014

Adam Rotstein

Colbert turns on his trademark charm this time deconstructing the minimum wage and the Fast Food industry here in America.  He specifically goes after an internal McDonald's informational video that delineates healthy spending habits for their employees. The jokes practically write themselves. Instead of recognizing the absurd wages this company (and the like) expect its employees to live on, the video focuses on how to spend the little money they are paid prudently. Some highlights are the $0 allotted for heating bills, the nonexistent $20/a month healthcare plan they suggest you choose, and the obvious assumption that you are working a second job adding up to a cool 75 hours a week. Something smells funny about this whole situation and it can't be those delicious French fries. 

The average pay of a top restaurant CEO in 2013 was 721 times more than minimum wage workers, according to the Economic Policy Institute.  A study from the University of Kansas also found that a Big Mac would only cost 68 cents more if McDonalds doubled its pay to $15 an hour. And for a $7.25 wage increase, this is a small price to pay.

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