She Can't Vote for Another 5 Years, But She'll Make You Wish She Could

October 27th 2014

ATTN: Staff

Madison Kimrey became a well-known youth activist last year after she gave an impassioned speech against voter suppression in North Carolina that racked up almost 1 million views

"I am part of the new generation of suffragettes and I will not stand silent while laws are passed to reduce the amount of voter turnout by young people in my home state," she then exclaimed.

At age 13, Madison is also the founder of NC Youth Rock, seeking to educate her peers to encourage elected officials to make decisions beneficial to young people in NC.

She recently made a PSA encouraging you to pledge to vote at OurTime.org, and spoke exclusively to attn: about why she became politically active, as well as her advice for other youth who, despite being too young to vote, want to get active.

attn: How did you become a youth activist? 

A children's museum in Jacksonville, FL refused to allow a family to renew their membership at the family membership rate because this particular family has two moms. My friend who lives in Jacksonville had played at this museum when he was little, and I got involved in the protest. I decided to write about my experiences and was surprised at how many people were interested in what I had to say. I kept writing and paying attention to local and national politics and started networking with people and organizations who were promoting the causes and ideas I was passionate about. 

attn: What advice would you give to other teenagers who want to get involved politically?

Pay attention and try to find yourself in the issues you're passionate about. Figure out how you can use your talents and the things you're good at to raise awareness. Stay true to yourself. Your unique ideas and experiences can help inspire others to get involved. Don't be deterred by negative comments. Social media is a great way to share ideas and connect with others, but learn to ignore comments and messages designed to distract from the issues that are really important.