Jon Stewart Has Some Powerful Words for the Justices Who Opposed Marriage Equality

June 30th 2015

Sarah Gray

Jon Stewart was ebullient in the opening segment of Monday's episode of "The Daily Show." The host finally had an opportunity to respond to last week's historic ruling on same-sex marriage by the Supreme Court.

"It was a display stunning in its alacrity and it's completeness," Stewart summarized of the week prior, which included calls to remove the confederate flag, the upholding of the Affordable Care Act, and the extension of the constitutional right to marriage to same-sex couples. 

Of course, it wasn't the best week for everyone -- especially opponents of same-sex marriage, both on and off the Supreme Court. Stewart aptly mocked them for their “hyperbolic apocalyptic rantings,” and gave a brief history lesson.

"Justices and Senators, your problem isn't judicial activism or overreach or political correct policing," Stewart said. "Your problem here is bald-faced, out in the open, common sense experience. That's why you're not going to win the marriage equality fight."

Stewart also singled out one Justice in particular: Antonin Scalia. Naturally "The Daily Show" put the following together in Scalia's honor: