Translators Are Getting Screwed Over By the American Military

October 27th 2014

ATTN: Staff

A little known topic in war is the critical role translators play in forecasting danger (likes mines, IEDs, and enemies ahead), and "over the last decade," according to John Oliver " good local interpreters in Afghanistan and Iraq have saved countless American lives." 

Yet the American State Department has done a lackluster job of protecting these translators (who risk their lives for our troops) by bringing them to safety after war or conflict subsides. 

In fact, The Afghan Allies Protection Act of 2009 allows up to 1,500 Afghan nationals per year to receive special immigrant visas, but in 2011, we only granted 3. 

Why? Red tape.

Oliver describes a painstakingly bureaucratic process in which it takes years and endless amounts of paperwork to obtain a Visa, despite the great sacrifice these translators make.

Here is the link to Ahmad Shah's video and fundraising page to help him his wife raise money for the medical examinations required by the US embassy for their VISA / refugee status applications.