Marriage Equality: It's Not Who Will Be Next, But Who Will Be Last?

October 27th 2014

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An oldie but goodie clip from Jon Stewart prognosticates the tidal wave of states adopting marriage equality (as we've seen recently), but it also ponders the critical question: who will last?

According to the statistician Nate Silver, it apparently comes down to Alabama and Mississippi.

Alabama civil rights attorney, Doug Jones, explains that sodomy in his state is a Class A misdemeanor.

While Mississippi Columnist, Slim Smith, trumps Jones by explaining that sodomy in his state is a felony. He continues "I'm surprised a gay couple can even get a fishing license here...";

Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal features parallel clips of both men debating whose state is more discriminatory, until he conducts a social experiment that may surprise you. Watch here:

As you'll see from this infographic (h/t Human Rights Campaign), the momentum toward equality is shifting. 31 states as well as the District of Columbia now allow same-sex marriage while many other states have legislation or litigation pending to extend equal marriage rights to LGBT Americans as well.

hrc infographic

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