Larry Wilmore Says What Everyone Has Been Thinking About the Confederate Flag

June 23rd 2015

Laura Donovan

Last week, Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore shrewdly responded to media reports that the shooting at the historically Black Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was an attack on religion rather than an attack on race. On Monday night, Wilmore reacted to the news that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) called for the confederate flag to be removed from Statehouse grounds following nationwide protest and the recent tragedy.

"That is the right thing to do, good for you South Carolina," Wilmore said before doing the "high five" gesture to Haley. "But seriously guys, I mean, who could have been against this? Especially in light of the incident that just happened, and particularly in 2015."

Wilmore went on to show clips of presidential candidates such as Mike Huckabee responding to the flag removal, with Huckabee saying it's "not an issue for a person running for president" and Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and George Pataki saying the fate of the flag should be up to the state of South Carolina.

"State's choice' is the classic presidential candidate cop-out, right?" Wilmore said. "Hey when you ask me when the sky is blue, I think that is a question best left up to the states. How do I know what you would do with the flag? I'm not a flag scientist. I want to be president of the United States, not president of flags! I want to know, are you taking this down tomorrow? Are you taking it down tonight because I can come over with a flashlight!"

Wilmore then showed footage of reporters saying the rebel flag is "padlocked into place" and untouchable without an override by 2/3 of the state legislature.

"Okay, you get that 2/3 blah blah blah and I'll get the key," Wilmore said, holding up a giant metal cutter. "This will open up padlock or non-padlock or maximum security prison in upstate New York, oops! Perhaps I said too much. But the point is, you're taking that flag down right?"

Finally, Wilmore showed a clip of Haley saying she would bring the House and the Senate back into session if they do not choose to debate the flag on their own this summer.

"So you want them to come back to debate taking it down but there's a chance that they won't, so you'll say, 'hey guys, you better come back and talk about this,'" Wilmore said. "South Carolina, it sounds like you're trying to fuck me on this. I think I'm going to have to retract my [high five to Haley]."

Here was Governor Haley's announcement yesterday:


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Protestors just had historic success in South Carolina.

Posted by ATTN: on Monday, June 22, 2015


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