The McKinney Cop Just Resigned. Here are the Reactions...

June 9th 2015

Laura Donovan

McKinney, Texas officer Eric Casebolt resigned from the police department, according to Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce. Officer Casebolt sparked controversy over the weekend when a video surfaced of him pulling a gun on Black teens at a pool party and pinning a Black teenage girl to the ground.

On Sunday, a video went viral depicting Casebolt aggressively responding to teenagers at a pool party. According to BuzzFeed News, "police were called after a fight broke out between adults and youths at the pool after the adults made racist comments telling the black children to leave the area and return to 'Section 8 [public] housing.'"

On Monday night, "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart highlighted Casebolt's extreme, questionable conduct with the teenagers, pointing his finger like a gun and asking the audience, "How do you go from a pool party to this?"

Stewart also spoke to correspondent Jessica Williams in a segment about McKinney. Williams was decked out in full body armor underneath her bikini. "Jon, it's progress because a cop pulled a gun on a group of Black kids and nobody is dead," Williams said.