Jon Stewart's Reaction to McKinney Pool Party Is Spot On

June 9th 2015

Sarah Gray

On Monday night, "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart and correspondent Jessica Williams discussed the events that took place at a pool party in McKinney, Texas. Over the weekend a video was released showing a white cop, Eric Casebolt, violently throw a 14-year-old African American girl to the ground and wave his gun at teenagers, while responding to a call about an alleged fight at a pool party.

Reacting to the disturbing video, Stewart asked "how do you go from a pool party to this?," pointing his fingers like a mock gun.

(The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas explained to the New York Times that “what we do know is that the police response, as seen on the video, appears to be a textbook case of overuse of force.")



Stewart perfectly teed up hearing from Jessica Williams, who was geared up in full body armor, which she called a "McKinney bikini." Williams discussed the role of race during the police response to the pool party and surprised Stewart by calling the event in McKinney, Texas "progress."

"Jon, it's progress because a cop pulled a gun on a group of Black kids and nobody is dead," Williams explains.