17 Images That Prove We'll Win the Fight Against LGBT Hatred

June 7th 2015

ATTN: Staff

1. One of the world's best-selling authors is leading the fight against LGBT hate speech...

...and she takes her own advice. She's on a one-woman mission to tweet at her fans on behalf of equal rights:

2. Ellen DeGeneres has this optimistic message for LGBT youth everywhere

3. Comedian and author David Sedaris points out the absurdity of anti-marriage equality advocates

4. Laverne Cox tells the best story about that time she spoke at Tulane

5. Father of 2 Neil Patrick Harris explains that being a good parent means encouraging self-expression and authenticity

6. Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg puts marriage equality in the context of historical marriage law

7. Musician P!nk is fed up as well

8. Whoopi Goldberg puts it as simply as one can

9. A little historical context on civil rights from George Clooney

10. Laverne Cox explains the fierce urgency for LGBT equal rights

11. Coretta Scott King realized that the civil rights movement is about all forms of discrimination

12. To anyone afraid of what marriage equality will "lead to"...

13. Here's why political and cultural role models are so important

14. And marriage equality allies should not be closet supporters

15. Business leaders and companies have a critical role to play as well

16. Strong, wise, loving words from Anne Hathaway on how to handle a friend or loved one coming out

17. A reminder why all of this matters, from a man who has overcome discrimination his whole life

Bonus. Just as a reminder of the progress being made, Ireland just became the first country to legalize marriage equality