Ep. 38: Alcohol Abuse vs. Drinking for Pleasure, How Do You Know If You Have a Problem?

July 27th 2017

ATTN: Staff

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Alcoholic or social drinker? This is a question that you may have asked about yourself, a friend, family member, or partner at some point in your life. And along with the countless words that have been written about the negative health impacts of alcohol—that merry substance we consume to celebrate, relax, or just mark the end of a day—there have been countless articles about what constitutes a healthy drinking habit.

ATTN: alone has covered everything from "How to Develop a Healthy Drinking Habit," "How to Tell If Your Binge Drinking Friend Is an Alcoholic," "What Happens to Your Body When You're Drunk and Keep Drinking," answering "Do Different Types of Alcohol Make You Behave Poorly?" covering "The 5 Pills You Definitely Shouldn't Mix With Alcohol," "What Happens When You Quit Drinking," and "How to Manage the Holidays as a Recovering Addict"—and this seems like too little coverage in the face of alcohol's prevalence in pop culture, advertising, workplace culture, holiday traditions, and more.

A recent piece by Elizabeth Millard for SELF examines from a personal perspective not just what is a healthy habit for your liver and physical body, but your mental health as well. Where does having fun become an addiction? And when is it time to ask yourself the tough question "why am I drinking?" As Andrew Rose wrote for ATTN:, "The slippery slope between 'drinker' and 'alcoholic' ends when alcohol becomes the star around which a person’s life revolves."

The "Got Your Attention" cast discusses this tricky border between alcohol for pleasure vs. alcohol addiction, along with the Democrats' new slogan, Pokémo Go Fest, and "clopens."

Podcast notes:

Read more about the stories we did (and didn't) talk about this week on "Got Your Attention."

  • The Democrats' new slogan.
  • The big issue with "clopens"—the closing-to-opening shifts that haunt low-wage workers.
  • Wisconsin company to install rice-sized microchips in employees.
  • The FDA needs to rethink how it handles reform of over the counter medications.
  • Where did the rumor that Kanye West once hooked up with transgender model and performance artist Amanda Lepore come from?
  • Pokemon Go Festival was a major "disaster," many festivals aren’t properly staffed or set up for success.
  • President Donald Trump is trying to sell all 700 million barrels of oil in our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is oil that America has been saving since 1975 to ensure that we don’t run out in unstable times, Bloomberg reports.
  • The office of National Statistics in the U.K. found that over 2,500 consumer goods (including chocolate and toilet paper) have gotten smaller, but the price remained the same.

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