This Veteran's Message About Journalists Is Going Viral

July 3rd 2017

Almie Rose

Though Vote Vets was blocked on Twitter by President Trump, they're still hoping he hears their demands for the rights of journalists.

Will Fischer, Marine and Iraq war vet and Director of Government Affairs for VoteVets.org, speaks directly to Trump in a tweeted video that's gained over 18,000 retweets and over 32,000 likes since it was posted on Sunday.

"Steven Vincent. Marie Colvin. David Gilkey," Fischer says, into the camera. "These are the names of reporters—of American journalists—who've been killed in recent years in combat zones."

Fischer notes they, like he and other vets, the slain journalists were simply "doing their job." He adds, "These are people who also have their memory and sacrifice tarnished every single time that you, Donald Trump, attack our free press."

This year alone, at least 18 journalists have died around the world.

1,246 Journalists have been killed since 1992, Committee to Protect Journalists reports.

Of those killed, the majority covered politics. That's more than the number killed while covering war.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted an attack in GIF form against CNN.

This is only one of many instances in which the President has voiced his disapproval for journalists, reporters, and the press. Back in February, he tweeted news media is, "the enemy of the American People!"

He has leaned on his message since, targeting CNN as of late. In doing so, Trump is creating an environment that paints journalists as a threat, which in turn, is making journalists increasingly concerned about their personal safety. Writer Jared Yates Sexton broke this down in a viral Twitter thread today:

His point?

CNN contributor Ana Navarro echoed this sentiment:

Will Fischer says it a little more bluntly: "Look, Donny, a free press? It is part of who we are. You want to make America great again? You can do so. By resigning. Today."