Jon Stewart Grills Rand Paul Over Gay Marriage on "The Daily Show"

May 27th 2015

Sarah Gray

On Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) appeared on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart. There Stewart, grilled the senator and 2016 presidential candidate, on several important political issues, and while they agreed on some topics, the two tussled over others in a lively, on-air debate.

Paul and Stewart discussed everything from the Patriot Act and Sen. Paul's recent, filibuster-like 11-hour Senate speech to religious liberty. Stewart took issue with what he thinks are inconsistencies the application of the principle of religious liberty. And Stewart butted heads with Sen. Paul over so-called "religious freedom" laws -- like the law originally passed in Indiana -- that, for example, would allow a bakery to refuse service to a gay couple requesting a cake for their wedding.

"It seems that gay marriage looms larger in the minds of certain conservatives than it does in the Bible," Stewart said. "And the only thing I would say is haven't -- don't they sell cakes to sinners all the time, adulterers. When you come in and say 'I'd like a cake' and they go 'Do you use the name of the lord in vain?'"

"How do you figure that out?" Stewart continued. "It feels disingenuous."

Paul believes that no law should halt people from living life the way they see fit or tread on religious freedom. Watch his answers below:

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