Tess Holliday Has the Perfect Viral Message Moms Everywhere Need to Hear

June 15th 2017

Almie Rose

Tess Holliday has never been shy about speaking up for herself — especially when it comes to shaming a women's post-baby bodies.


Perhaps that's why the body positive model's Instagram post from Tuesday is striking such a chord. Her message has over 37,570 likes and hundreds of comments.


"Gentle reminder to myself that as a mom, I deserve to feel sexy & desired," Holliday wrote.

She finished it off by writing, "Fat women & moms are robbed of our sexuality so I'm here to tell you to stop that shit. Ok? 💯😉#effyourbeautystandards"

People started to comment on her post with supportive words like, "say it louder for the people in the back!!!" and "Thanks! Really needed to hear this today, I haven't felt the same confidence in myself and body since my son 9 months ago and I tell myself one day I'll get my mama mojo back."

Many new moms feel pressure to lose the baby weight as soon as possible.

"When 'celebrities' are pregnant in the press, they look glamorous, toned & are eager to talk about how they are going to get the baby weight off. While I've done my best to look as put together as possible, that's not real life, & it's not for most women," Holliday pointed out in April 2016.

HuffPost wrote about this pressure in 2013, referring to a study:

"A survey of more than 700 pregnant women by University College London (UCL) found a quarter were 'highly concerned about their weight and shape.'

Two per cent of those questioned were found to fast, exercise excessively, induce vomiting, and misuse laxatives or diuretics to avoid gaining weight during pregnancy."

And feeling "unsexy" after giving birth is a common feeling for many new moms. "The unsexiest day of my life came three days after I became a mom, when my husband caught me trying to express milk out of my newly engorged breasts with a manual pump [...] New moms, bleary of eye and soggy of T-shirt, all ask the very same question: 'Will I ever feel desirable again?'" author Julie Tilsner wrote for Parenting.

That's why Holliday's message is so important.

And by making her message public, she's inspiring other women. "Thanks to you I am learning to love my body and embrace it," one person wrote on Holliday's Instagram post, adding, "Thank you for being such a huge role model for us women who are thicker."