You May Not Really Get Why This Woman's Photo With Her Husband is Going Viral  

June 7th 2017

Kyle Fitzpatrick

There’s a double standard when it comes to the bodies of men and women.

While both men and women are concerned about their body image, society is more welcoming of guys with a “dadbod” versus gals with a “mombod.” This is an observation that psychologists have agreed with and highlights the greater scrutiny women face with their bodies.

This is why a photo shared by a mom on Instagram is getting a lot of attention: she and her husband don't have the same body type.

An Instagram user by the name of Jazzy, who posts photos as @a_body_positive_jazzy, shared an image of her husband and herself at the beach in bathing suits.

“Over the years this man has loved every curve, every roll, and every stretch mark on my body,” Jazzy explained in the caption of the photo, which has over 60,000 likes. “I never understood why!”

Jazzy lamented that she didn’t see herself as perfect and was confounded by how her “born fit” husband could be attracted to her. But she realizes that her being who she is is exactly why her husband loves her. “I love my body and I finally see why he does too!!” she added.

The comments reflected that Jazzy isn’t alone: many face pressure to match the body type of their partner.

Comments on @a_body_positive_jazzy's photo.

Others also praised the pair for being comfortable with themselves, shrugging off any remarks about their differences.

Comments on @a_body_positive_jazzy's photo.

This photo represents how couples who look or have different body types are often questioned — and there's apparently a reason for this phenomenon.

Beyond society’s different perceptions of men’s and women’s bodies, what Jazzy’s relationship gets at is a social psychological phenomenon called “matching hypothesis,” the idea that a relationship’s success can come from matched physical attributes.


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Deviations from this “match” — or when a person is seen to be with someone who is “out of their league” — gets at something deeper. People are apt to date “out of their league” as a result of their self-worth. Thus, people who see themselves as more worthy seek out others who are equal or better than they are.

Where this gets problematic is that society’s view of people by gender enables judgment from others, which can often be seen in couples who don't look the same.

Like the difference in acceptance of “dadbod” versus “mombod,” society often questions couples who are “mismatched” because of gender stereotypes.

As Mic observed in 2016, a couple like Jazzy’s stands out because it “overturns gender roles” as men are pressured to choose mates based on appearance. Studies have echoed this, suggesting that a man who doesn’t date someone “prettier” is an affront to the assumption that men are obsessed with looks.

Jazzy and her husband stand out because they buck society’s expectations. They're proud of that, too. This is a sentiment that apparently resonates with others, too, who likely also feel the weight of society’s beauty standards.

As Jazzy explained in another Instagram post, it took time but — once she loved herself — everything else fell into place. “Now that I truly love myself,” she wrote. “I can enjoy life with my amazing husband and kids!”

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