Mother Who Sued Transgender Daughter Loses Lawsuit

May 26th 2017

Thor Benson

Back in November 2016, we reported on a mother in Minnesota who was suing her 17-year-old transgender daughter because she had sought gender reassignment procedures without consulting her. On Tuesday, a district judge called the case "meritless" and dismissed the lawsuit

Anmarie Calgaro

Anmarie Calgaro filed the lawsuit after she learned her daughter had not only emancipated herself, with help from a legal aid group, but had also begun hormone treatment. Calgaro's daughter moved out of her home to live with her dad in 2015, around the time she emancipated herself.

Calgaro wished to gain back her parental rights and stop the hormone treatments, challenging a Minnesota law that lets minors receive medical procedures without parental notice if the minor is separated from the parent. 

Her attorney said she is considering an appeal.

transgender flag

The dismissal of the lawsuit is a win for the transgender community, regardless, showing that parents can't dictate the gender of their teenage children. The judge in the case even made it a point to refer to Calgaro's daughter as a girl, even though Calgaro continued to call her transgender daughter a boy.

There have been many other high-profile cases where parents have tried to stop their children from transitioning, with one such case ending in the young person committing suicide. Being forced to live as a gender one doesn't identify with, and being discriminated against for being a transgender man or woman, are both reasons why suicide is common among transgender people. Around a third of transgender youth report having attempted suicide at least once.



It's extremely important that transgender kids have support from family and friends. Beyond a high rate of suicide, there has also been an uptick in attacks on transgender people.

There are many resources available for parents wishing to help their transgender child. Being a kid is hard enough, and they need all the support they can get.