The Body-Shaming Former Playboy Model Just Got Punished for Her Snap

May 25th 2017

Almie Rose

Dani Mathers, who body-shamed a stranger by taking a snap of her in a gym shower without her consent, was in court Wednesday for sentencing.

Dani Mathers

The former Playboy Playmate pleaded no contest to "misdemeanor invasion of privacy," CNN reports. She took a photo of a naked 70-year-old woman at her gym with the caption, "If I can't unsee this then you can't either" and sent it to her Snapchat story.

Mathers explained she originally meant the photo for a friend, saying she "accidentally posted it," seemingly not realizing the issue wasn't the recipient of the photo, but the actual act of taking a stranger's photo without consent while the victim was in the gym's shower.

By posting the photo, Mathers violated the woman's privacy and body-shamed her at the same time.

Her punishment?

CNN reports Mathers was sentenced to three years probation, as well as "30 hours of graffiti removal service." At one point, Mathers could have faced six months in jail. She "will also have to pay the victim $60 for a new backpack, because she could be recognized by the one seen in the photo," according to NBC News.

Mathers believes she is part of a "witch hunt."

Though the model claimed at one point she was "deeply sorry" (though, to reiterate, it was more for "accidentally" posting the photo than it was for taking it), she has since changed her tune. Now, she believes she's being bullied online. On May 22 she tweeted she was in a "witch hunt."

Before that she requested positivity on May 16:




Some believe Mathers got off with a light sentence.

As Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer tweeted on Wednesday, "Bodyshaming is humiliating and tears down the self-respect of its victims."