This Model Just Exposed Why You Shouldn't Believe Images You See Online

May 23rd 2017

Almie Rose

Model Iskra Lawrence has been one of the leaders of the body positive movement. She's modeled in American Eagle's non-retouched photos as a standard-sized model, and she also has zero problem preaching body acceptance.


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Now, the model has revealed the extent to which photoshop was used to transform her body — and she doesn't see it as a good thing.

"You might be wondering who that random blonde girl is," her caption begins.

"Well it's me!"


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Though Lawrence acknowledges the photo was taken roughly six to seven years ago, the real reason why she looks so drastically different is because "I'm HEAVILY retouched." She went on to write:

"That smooth a$$ skin?
Not mine - a computer programme did that.
The full thick hair - extensions.
Push up bra
Waist + legs + arms slimmed with a photoshop tool.
No eye bags, well actually no nothing that makes me resemble the real me."

Beyond not being able to recognize herself, she wrote that the worst part was "I WANTED TO LOOK LIKE THIS!!! I thought if I had 'perfected' images (like the ones I saw of other models) that I would book more jobs = would make me happy and successful."

But that's not what happened. "[I]n reality seeing retouched images of myself gave me even more insecurities and body image issues because I couldn't even look like or relate to the image of myself!" she wrote.

Her message? "NEVER EVER compare yourself to images you see, many aren't real."

Even on Instagram, where one might think they're seeing purely candid photos, there are other "tricks" models use in order to make themselves appear slimmer than they really are in real life. Lawrence busted one popular technique — forcing a "thigh gap" in photos by standing by stick your butt out in a viral photo she posted on Instagram in April 2016.

Many models and influencers have come forward to reveal how deceptive images can be that are posted on Instagram. Lawrence's post is another reminder that body comparisons are never helpful — because most of the time, those bodies are, in some way, not truly real.

You can read Lawrence's full post here.