This Viral Tweet Thread Shows Men Really Don't Like Confident Women

May 17th 2017

Almie Rose

"Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with his compliment of you."

Feminista Jones

So tweeted Feminista Jones on May 12 — and the response was overwhelming.

Jones' point being, men seem to take issue when a woman is confident enough with herself to accept the compliment she's been given by a man. She explains further:






Other women joined the thread to share their own experiences and examples with this phenomenon.








Many men tweeted they didn't realize this was "a thing" and vowed to do better. But some pushed back.







There's a greater message in this thread.

Men, if women tell you about their experiences, just read and listen. Of course "not all men" participate in the behavior discussed in this particular Twitter thread. The larger issue being expressed is that women are seemingly shamed for being confident.

The New York Times ran a piece in 2015 specifically exploring the issues of confidence among women, and how their power is diminished in meetings when men are in the same room. "A study by a Yale psychologist, Victoria L. Brescoll, found that male senators with more power (as measured by tenure, leadership positions and track record of legislation passed) spoke more on the Senate floor than their junior colleagues," the New York Times reported. "But for female senators, power was not linked to significantly more speaking time."

Men, women aren't saying to stop complimenting women. We're saying, let us accept the compliment.