What Jerry Seinfeld Just Said About the Advertising Industry Might Shock You

October 27th 2014

ATTN: Staff

Think of the CLIO Awards as the OSCARS for advertising. Jerry Seinfeld, who has appeared in numerous commercials recently, just won one.

What may surprise you is how (un?)gracious he was after accepting the award. “I love advertising because I love lying,” Seinfeld stated, “I think spending your life trying to dupe innocent people out of hard-won earnings to buy useless, low-quality, misrepresented items and services is an excellent use of your energy.”

Perhaps his comedy was a guise for a profound social statement. 

It reminds of us of this meme we've published:

women's bodies business

You can watch all 4 minutes of Seinfeld's advertising excoriation here:



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