Breastfeeding Mom Gives Perfect Response to Store Manager Who Told Her to Cover Up

April 25th 2017

Almie Rose

A mom was simply trying to feed her child in public when a store manager took offense — so she offered him a perfect suggestion.

Avery Lane YouTube

Avery Lane wrote about her experience in a now viral Facebook post.

The mom described what happened when she began to nurse her baby at an H&R Block on a military post in the April 21 Facebook post, which has been shared over 9,800 times and has over 39,000 reactions.

She was breastfeeding her 2-month-old child (as babies have a tendency to want to eat) when the manager approached her and said:

Can you cover up with a towel or something?

As Lane described in her post, "I was completely shocked" but was quick with a retort: "I raised my voice slightly and said 'No but I have a muslin [blanket] if you would like to cover your face. You must not know Georgia's breastfeeding laws.'"

She went on to write how she was asked to leave, which was when she called the Military Police who not only informed the manager she was in the right, but another manager showed who told her "there is nothing wrong with a mother breastfeeding her child." Lane wrote that was the main reason for sharing her post: "I hope more moms will stand up to normalize breastfeeding. I refuse to cover my child or nurse in my car."

Later, Lane clarified a few things about the incident in a YouTube video.

On April 23, she posted a YouTube video in response to the many questions she was asked about the incident. Lane gave a strong no in response to a question that asked her if she wanted the manager to be fired. "I don't want anyone to be fired from their job, their source of income. If anything, I felt like it warned him to be educated. And he was educated when I called the MP, so there was no need for him to be fired because of that," she said.

Avery Lane YouTube

Will she use a cover from now on when she's nursing in public? That's another strong no. "I don't see a need for me to start using one now. I personally don't care for covers, and Wilder [her baby] doesn't either — he doesn't even like a anything over his head," she said.

This answer is an important thing to realize about breastfeeding that people apparently forget — it is, above all, for the baby. The baby's needs and comforts have to come first.

Lane's recent incident was hardly the first time a breastfeeding woman was publicly shamed for the act.

ATTN: has covered multiple incidents of breastfeeding moms being given looks of disgust, having their Instagram accounts shut down or their Facebook photos being reported for showing breastfeeding, and even getting fired for pumping breast milk.

Despite these incidents, Lane wants women to know they shouldn't be fearful of breastfeeding in public, saying in her video:

"Nine times out of 10, I don't have this issue at all. I'm able to breastfeed and people aren't like, 'ew, put your boob away!'"

Check out Lane's full Facebook post below.