Bill Maher on Whether Mike Pence Is Worse Than Donald Trump

April 22nd 2017

Mike Rothschild

During a recent interview with ATTN: Editor-in-Chief Matthew Segal, Bill Maher brought up a frequent liberal talking point: That were he to somehow assume the presidency, Vice President Mike Pence would be just as bad as Donald Trump.

Maher isn't having any of it.

"[He] absolutely would not be worse," Maher said, shaking his head. "We've seen his type before. He's very similar to Bush—a typical, hypocritical, Jesus-freak Republican politician." But he lacks Trump's explosive personality, which Maher describes as being so much more dangerous than Trump's actual policies.

To see more of Maher's interview, including his thoughts on climate change denial, the state of the Democratic Party, and more, click on the link below: