The Best Time of Day for a Bowel Movement

April 21st 2017

Thor Benson

It can be hard to find the right time of day to go to the bathroom for a bowel movement. Let's be real. You might be too busy or in the wrong place. However, it turns out medical experts know exactly when it's the best moment to go. 

“For most people, the best time and their regular time is in the morning,” Dr. Kenneth Koch, chief of gastroenterology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, told Women's Health last year. While you're sleeping, he said, your body digests bits of food you ate during the day, and it's ready to get rid of everything when you wake in the morning. He said making it a habit to go to the bathroom in the morning helps maintain regularity, and it's usually a convenient time to do it. 


Dr. James Reynolds, a professor of clinical medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, told MSN this week that it's best for the body to have one major bowel movement per day. He also said the best time for that bowel movement is in the morning. That doesn't mean you should only be going once per day total, as healthy people typically go one to three times per day, but the morning movement will likely be the most significant one. 

If you're going more than three times a day, you might have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). As we've reported before, a compound found in cannabis called CBD has several medical uses, and many argue it helps them deal with IBS.

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