Bill Maher On Why Donald Trump Might be the Greatest Con Man Ever

April 19th 2017

Mike Rothschild

ATTN: Editor-in-Chief Matthew Segal sat down with Bill Maher for an exclusive interview on President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office. It was a wide-ranging conversation that covered everything from the Trump administration's "just say no"-style drug policy, to what Democrats need to do in order to win back the White House in 2020.

They also discussed the possibility that the president might be the greatest con man in history. "He literally talked his way into the White House," Maher said, "like a guy who isn't on the list talks his way into a nightclub."

"I know a lot of [people] would say 'yes, but if he delivers even half,'" Maher said, invoking the potential argument of a Trump voter. "That's not how con men work. They don't deliver half. They deliver nothing, and they move on to the next town."

To see more of ATTN:'s interview with Bill Maher, watch below.