Twitter Thread About a Woman on a Subway Reveals How Hard it Can be for Women in Public Spaces

April 14th 2017

Almie Rose

A twitter thread about one woman's experience on the subway is striking a chord.

Zoe Tillman, a BuzzFeed reporter, told a Twitter story in six parts about an incident she witnessed while riding the metro in Washington, D.C. She alleges in her tweets that this was just a woman on her way to work.

The kicker?

Both women and men reacted to her story with anger and frustration.

And then of course, there was one of these:

Which was shut down with this:

The truth is street harassment exists, and women often have to contend with it.

ATTN: previously reported on a 2015 study by anti-street harassment organization Hollaback! and Cornell University that reported "a whopping 72 percent of women all over the world reported changing their transportation plans as a result of harassment."

The #commutingwhilefemale hashtag, which first popped up on Twitter in the summer of 2016, was filled with tweets about how women dealt with being harassed while on public transportation — or simply walking down the street:

Women are still using the hashtag even today:

This comic, originally posted on Everyday Feminism, sums up being harassed on public transportation, and the potential consequences of your response.

smiling comic

Just another woman trying to get to work.