Episode 14: Former Vice President Al Gore Discusses Our Future With Climate Change

April 12th 2017

ATTN: Staff

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On this week's "Got Your Attention," we also hear an interview between Editor in Chief Matthew Segal and former Vice President Al Gore about the sequel to "An Inconvenient Truth," titled "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power." (The film will be released on July, 28 of this year.) More than ten years after the first documentary was released, climate changes remains an existential threat to the planet.

Yet, Gore is optimistic that these four things — market forces, technology, public awareness, and taking heed of what mother nature has already dished out — will propel action on tackling climate change (even if the Donald Trump administration does not).

The cast also discusses "13 Reasons Why." The Netflix series, which is based on the eponymous young adult novel written by Jay Asher, is centered around high school — but it's definitely not a sanitized representation of these formative years. The show focuses on suicide, bullying, and sexual assault.

The portrayal of these topics has sparked conversation online (and on the "Got Your Attention" podcast); according to a Fizzology report, reported on by Refinery29, "there were more tweets about "13 Reasons Why" during the week after its premiere than there were about any other Netflix show during its first week." Some are praising the representation of these themes, while others find some aspects problematic — but there's no doubt that it's resonating with its audience.

Danielle DeCourcey, Kyle Jaeger, Mike Vainisi, Omri Rolan share the shows that they felt resonated with their high school experiences. The three also discuss the United Airlines debacle, McDonald's latest menu change, and why two of the Baldwin brothers haven't been on speaking terms recently (it's more relatable than you think).

Podcast notes:

Read more about the stories we did (and didn't) talk about this week on "Got Your Attention."

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren just called out a student loan servicer. Is this making the argument for publicly funded tuition stronger?
  • Here's the police department’s response to the video of the man getting dragged off a United Airlines flight.
  • Pundits got it wrong (again): Syria attack didn’t boost Trump’s approval ratings after all.
  •  The rumor mill about Janet Jackson’s divorce has spun way out of control.
  • People can't stop talking about "13 Reasons Why," and it's partly because it's intensely relatable for anyone who's ever been to high school. The story is a mystery of why a girl killed herself, and it explores themes of bullying and sexual assault.
  • Is Kendall Jenner complicit in Pepsi’s commercial capitalizing on the protest movement? 
  • Should people be denied organ transplants if they smoke marijuana?
  • McDonald's is making the “most drastic menu change in decades,” according to Business Insider.
  • Was the Democratic gamble on Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation worth it? Or, should Democratic senators have just voted to confirm him to avoid the nuclear option?
  • Stephen Baldwin's reason for not speaking to his brother Alec after the election is actually pretty relatable.
  • KFC is ditching using chickens raised with antibiotics in 2018 to combat a growing health crisis.

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