Here Are 10 of the Most Interesting Data Visualizations of 2015

May 7th 2015

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1. In Slovakia, 74 percent of young adults still live with their parents. Often, American young people are criticized in media for not moving out of their parents' homes. Despite the fact that young people are dealing with a much worse economy than their parents, their move-out rate is actually better than most countries, particularly in Eastern and Southern Europe. Dadaviz made this graph using data from Eurostat.

Young Adults Living With Parents

2. Americans are working more hours than their French and German counterparts. Those numbers come from the St. Louis Federal Reserve, which found that workers in the United States have held steady between 1,700 and 1,800 hours per year since the 1980s, while workers in France and Germany have worked less over that period.

Americans vs French and German Workers

3. Teens now like e-cigarettes and hookah more than regular cigarettes. Dadaviz compiled this data from the Center for Disease Control's Youth Tobacco Survey.

Cigarettes vs Hookas and E-Cigs

4. American young people are among the least literate young people in the world. That data from the Educational Testing Service, which said "[t]he comparatively low skill level of U.S. millennials is likely to test our international competitiveness over the coming decades."

American Milllennials Least Skilled

5. Women are doing well in Iceland. Dadaviz got this information from a Gallup study that asked women around the world about whether they were thriving or suffering. Iceland finished with top marks, while women in Bolivia were the most likely to say that they were suffering.

Women are doing well in Iceland

6. Is ecstasy safer than alcohol and tobacco? Yes, according to researchers writing in The Lancet, who developed a new framework to assess the danger presented by drugs. "There are three main factors that together determine the harm associated with any drug of potential abuse: the physical harm to the individual user caused by the drug; the tendency of the drug to induce dependence; and the effect of drug use on families, communities, and society," the report said.

Ecstasy vs Alchohol and Tobacco

7. Nine out of ten pharmaceutical companies spend more money on marketing than they do on research and development. The BBC reported this based on research from Global Data, and Dadaviz turned it into this graphic.

Big Pharma Spends Money on R+D

8. Only 20 percent of Apple's top executives are women, and nine of the ten Chief Officers and Senior Presidents are men.

Apple Gender Diversity

9. Here are the active hate groups in the United States, by state, based on data from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hate Group Graphs

10. Women have closed the gender gap in higher education. Dadaviz developed this graph using U.S. Census data.

Women vs Men in College

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