Tina Fey Sends Message to the White Women Who Voted For Trump

April 2nd 2017

Samantha Cowan

Tina Fey was quite candid when speaking on the state of American politics at the “Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU” on Friday.

Tina Fey

Fey was part of a star-studded telethon for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) broadcast on Facebook Live, which included fellow actors Tom Hanks, Amy Poehler and Tracy Morgan who joined Fey by contributing with individual comedic sketches and speeches.

“A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV,” the comedian said during the event.

“I would want to urge [white women] to like, ‘You can’t look away’ because it doesn’t affect you this minute, but it’s going to affect you eventually,” Fey added during a conversation about women’s access to reproductive care. The "Saturday Night Live" alum went on to say that under the current administration with Vice President Mike Pence working to defund Planned Parenthood on a national level that women's health care is under attack.


An estimated 52 percent of white female voters supported Donald Trump in the November election compared to the 43 percent who voted for Hillary Clinton, according to CNN exit polls. More than 60 percent of white men voted for Trump, compared to 31 percent for Clinton.

“I personally will make my own pledge as a college-educated white woman to not look away, to not pretend that things that are happening now won't eventually affect me if we don't put a stop to it,” Fey said.Fey specifically called out college-educated white women, of whom the majority did vote for Clinton - 51 percent, while 44 percent voted for Trump. About 53 percent of white college-educated men voted for Trump, with 39 percent supporting Clinton.

“Open two windows,” Fey added. “Do watch HGTV, but [don't] turn our attention away from what is happening."

Check out video below of Fey's speech.