Dan Rather Reminds Americans of 4 Ways We Can Maintain Hope in the Nation

March 27th 2017

Mike Rothschild

Few journalists have held President Donald Trump's feet to the fire the way former CBS anchor Dan Rather has in recent months, but he wants to remind Americans of four basic things that can be done to ensure that hope isn't lost in the nation.

Rather has previously wrote on about his thoughts and shared his wisdom on Facebook to, among other things, skewer the Trump administration's propensity for "alternative facts," referred to the Trump campaign as "new low and unprecedented in the history of American presidential politics," and said that he'd never seen the country "so divided, so anxious, so fearful, so uncertain" on Inauguration Day.

In his March 27 Facebook post, Rather is unsparing about his views of what Trump has accomplished so far as president: "it is the worst start to a time in office I have ever seen."



He lays out his fears of the future in plain language, writing, "after two tumultuous, chaotic and in many ways outrageous months (an embarrassing defeat on ACA repeal, the deepening Russia probe, the striking down of the travel ban) where do we stand? Where does all of this go? [...] Where we stand as a people is in a potentially dangerous, very dangerous place. A weak President running a weak, ragtag administration is a prescription for trouble."


But even with the potential for both internal and external strive, the veteran broadcaster hasn't lost hope. "The core of our union—the union of our states and the union of our people as regards core principles—is holding," he wrote in the post which has over 7,000 shares and 37,000 reactions. He then lays out four things "that any individual can do" to stay ahead of the chaos:

"-- Do not lose heart. America, as Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, is a willingness of heart. Believe in our country’s capacity to right itself and do right. Our fathers and mothers did it, and so did their ancestors, time after time. So now must we.

-- Reach out and help someone. Service to other individuals and community “good deed” work is especially needed now.

-- Reach out and try to talk, try to reach common ground, with someone you know that is of a different political persuasion. And don’t get discouraged if at first it doesn’t go well. Keep on trying. Even just talking, at the kids games, around school, at work, at the store helps. Just making contact and talking, about anything in common, can be more helpful than you may think.

-- Get active, stay active politically. Organize and stay at it. Talking and walking (as in marches) is fine, but those who organize best and stay at it have the best chance of affecting change."

In the end, Rather believes the nation will be all right - but only if Americans and the country's allies don't lose heart.